The Digital Art Network

> an international platform for digital arts with a collaborative approach

> a voluntary dynamics of structures artistic, scientific and industry research, training, production and dissemination structures working in the domain of digital creation.

> an open space opened in interdisciplinary exchanges and reinforce ties between art, science and technologies

> A Watch on new artistic and scientific ways and the shared expertises

> A driving force for the cultural economy impulsing new models of coproduction and distribution

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In 2007, the Centre des arts in Enghien-les-Bains, a venue for the promotion of digital creation subsidized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, launched a project to create a network of structures for artistic, scientific and industrial research, production, distribution and training in the area of digital creation, in France and internationally.

The Digitals Arts Network, or RAN in French, offers a unique platform where art, science and industry converge, removing the barriers between these sectors and opening up a pioneering space for creation and innovation where experts from various professional fields can come together.

The RAN seeks to develop a collaborative approach aimed at fostering exchange, reflection and co-production between artistic, scientific and industrial structures. It promotes the synergy of cross-disciplinary expertise and helps bolster national and international cooperation.


> To promote interdisciplinary exchanges and reinforce ties between art, science and industry

> To pool resources, know-how and methods between digital arts research, production, distribution and training structures

> To develop co-production and the joint distribution of works and tools, and promote the mobility of those working in the area of digital creation

> To communicate on and support training and awareness initiatives