RAN projects

> Support for pilot projects

> A cross-disciplinary online digital arts guide

> A Watch on new uses and activities in the area of performing and visual arts


Project no. 1 Support for pilot projects

> to create an economy of production and distribution through international cooperation

A selection of artistic projects and digital tools (creation of performing arts shows, installations, software and materials) corresponding to a specific call for projects will receive the support of RAN members in 2010. The teams selected will be given the opportunity to complete a “research and creation programme” which includes a mobile residency in specific locations (training centre, research laboratory, cultural site, etc.) and incorporates critical observation and mediation experiences with the general public. The projects will be followed by a Support Committee and will receive co-production aid from RAN members.

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Project no. 2 / A cross-disciplinary online digital arts guide

> catalogue skills and connect talents

This online guide is intended as an open and flexible tool aimed at cultural, scientific, business and industry professionals as well as the general public. The purpose of this vast “real-time” directory – to which contribution is voluntary – is to catalogue and centralize opportunities and specific skills in the area of digital arts and above all to draw up a national map of resource sites. It is also a means to collect and organize the contact information of suppliers and documents by area of interest, but also to keep people informed, put contributors in contact and publish data on line.


Project no. 3 / A Watch on new uses and activities in the area of performing and visual arts

> to enhance professional training

Through the recognition of new skills and new professions emerging in the world of digital arts, the purpose of this Watch is to draw the attention of institutions and professional organizations to the benefits of building stronger bridges between the professional and university spheres and to implement more pluridisciplinary “art and science” training.